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Thermal Imaging

Our advanced thermal imaging camera systems can provide realtime visual data to determine defects that can lead to energy loss, equipment failure, or environmental impact. Typical applications include inspection of electrical distribution systems, cooling issues in data centers, or identifying overheating motors and bearings to name a few.

Thermal imaging inspections can provide a quick return on investment through product or energy recovery, reduced downtimes, and even protection of adjacent systems.

How It Works

Thermal imaging cameras detect radiation in a range of the electromagnetic spectrum known as the infrared range. This is a range beyond visible light (roughly 9000-14,000 nanometers). The amount of radiation that an object emits is directly proportional to its temperature. Therefore, thermal imaging cameras are able to detect variations in temperature and generate a visible image, known as a thermogram.

Commercial/Industrial Applications

  • Electrical Inspection – identify overloads and loose/defective components
  • Mechanical Infrared – predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Data Center Thermal Analysis – locate hot spots and cooling problems
  • Building Heat Loss – locate problematic sources of energy loss
  • Below-Surface Pipe Leaks – avoid random digging by pinpointing leak sources
  • Roof Moisture Survey – identify wet insulation under the roof-line

Infrared is a proven and noninvasive technology which can:

  • Improve profits by preventing failures
  • Find hot or overloaded electrical connections
  • Reduce heating/cooling costs by identifying missing or damaged insulation
  • Serve as quality control for new installations or repairs