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Integrated Automation

Automation in the manufacturing and process industries has developed to a scale that could have only been dreamt about in the not-so-distant past. Even still, the need for continuous innovation and forward planning is imperative in keeping a competitive edge in today’s world. At EAS, we strive to ensure your success!

In order to maintain and maximize your plant’s effectiveness, it is critical to know at any given moment how all of your systems are performing. Production run data must be accurate and easily accessible. Performance metrics must be sampled at key points along the process. Through the use of HMI and SCADA technologies, we can help make sense of all of this raw data by organizing, formatting, and providing context. Uniquely tailored realtime virtualized representations of your systems allow for simplified visibility into device status and tuning of your business processes, while historical data can provide trending over time.

Physical distances between production assets can create a challenge in realtime intercommunication. With so many options in mediums and protocols, in addition to reachability concerns, the right choice may not alway be apparent. Whether connecting systems across a factory floor or around the globe, EAS’s highly industry-certified engineers can provide the means necessary to unify your assets into a single, flexible management platform. As is often the case, we can empower you to monitor and manage your systems from anywhere in the world without sacrificing security – an important and often overlooked facet of automation networks today.

We know automation. Every plant and facility is different. Our automation experts take the time to understand your complex business requirements, problems, and goals. We work with you to define, design, implement, and execute highly effective solutions that increase your productivity, profitability, and keep you at the forefront of your industry.