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Network Services

Here at EAS, we offer a full suite of network services to compliment our automation work. We believe that an integrated approach to disciplines is vital to ensuring that your automation projects run at peak efficiency.

Network Design and Implementation

The traditional model of automation networks is one that has always been largely isolated from the corporate network. In years past, incompatibilities between cabling mediums and protocols created the divide between these two separate yet equally crucial networks. Often times, separate in-house teams have been kept on staff to manage their respective networks. With improvements in Industrial thernet switching allowing for realtime, deterministic data flows and an increased usage of standardized protocols such as TCP/IP, the separation between these once disparate networks is no longer necessary. Our unique team of experienced network engineers and automation specialists can help simplify your infrastructure down to a single, unified, intelligent network. This eliminates unneeded complexity, reduces hardware costs, and simplifies management which all equates to cost savings for your organization.

Our years of experience gives us the confidence to deliver world-class solutions for today’s complex networking challenges. We specialize in consulting, designing, and implementing network solutions for both corporate and industrial environments.

Our Networking Services

  • Automation-specific technologies (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet)
  • Local and wide area networks (LAN and WAN)
  • Wired and wireless infrastructures
  • Data centers
  • Network security


A proactive approach to security is needed to protect your company’s critical data and other assets. This is true on both the factory floor and in the corporate environment. At EAS, we take pride in our security-minded methodologies to ensure that you are protected every step of the way.

Because many automation integrators today don’t have a background in traditional IT systems, security is often overlooked in industrial environments. Still, others maintain a “security through obscurity” approach, sighting that the networks are isolated from outside access, or that the programming software used is not easily attainable to the public. Unfortunately, many companies have been deceived by such claims and have paid for it in the form of security breaches. Security in the corporate network is typically not forgotten entirely but is often times less than adequate. Maintaining proper security to protect your mission-critical assets is a continues process. Just as regular medical check-ups ensure your health is on track, regular security audits are needed to verify and maintain compliance with your security policies. At EAS, we know you are only a strong as your weakest link and we strive to ensure that every system is properly protected against today’s cyber threats.

Fiber Optics

At EAS, we pride ourselves in being one of the nation’s fiber optics leaders! Fiber optic networks present unique challenges for successful installation and termination. The precision needed when working with hair-thin fibers takes a seasoned expert as well as state-of-the-art, sophisticated electronics. We have a solid track record of expedient and reliable installation of fiber optic systems.

Our Fiber Optic Services

  • Installation
  • Termination
  • End-to-end Tier I and Tier II testing (OLTS/OTDR)
  • OTDR (Tier II) report generation
  • Emergency repairs

An important but often overlooked component of any fiber install is the certification report. At EAS, we test and generate a certification report for each fiber link. These reports verify that the fiber was successfully tested in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA standards and demonstrates the quality of the fiber link installation. Additionally, these reports can be referenced in the future if issues arise with the link. A second report of the link under test can quickly identify the location and type of fault induced.

Advantages of Fiber Optics

  1. Greater bandwidth – Fiber offers far greater bandwidth than copper and has typical speeds of 10Gbps.
  2. Lower attenuation/greater distance – Since the signal is comprised of light, very little loss occurs during transmission. Signals can travel as far as 40km without repeating. This distance is far greater than the 100m limitation on UTP copper.
  3. Greater reliability – Fiber optic cable is immune to electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference, impedence problems, cross-talk, and more.
  4. Security – Signals do not radiate from the fiber optic cable and it is extremely difficult to tap without causing the entire system to fail.
  5. Size – Since the diameter of fiber optic cabling is so small compared to copper, it is easier to handle and takes up less space in cabling ducts.
  6. Cost – The cost of fiber optic cables, connectors, and other hardware is steadily decreasing. Additionally, fiber often costs less to maintain and also eliminates the need to reachable to reach higher network performance.